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EWT was established on Curaçao in 1992. Over the past 25 years, EWT has demonstrated growth in all possible ways. We have weathered many changes since the beginning; growing with and adapting to the ever-changing industry needs, implementing the latest technology in warehouse, isolation, and cooling systems. We cover more than 1000 clients, have a warehouse capacity of 80,000 square feet, and a modern fleet of freezer and refrigerated trucks all with the highest food safety standards. We believe in continuously investing in innovation and technology to deliver with precision.

Mission & Values

Our purpose is to serve our customers with the highest quality in products and services. We achieve this purpose through innovative systems and integrity of our people. Our cornerstone values are the principles we believe in and follow in every interaction, and how we evaluate our performance and measure our success.


EWT is an HACCP certified company. HACCP is a food production, storage, and distribution monitoring system for identification and control of associated hazards.We are regularly evaluated to maintain HACCP compliance, thus guaranteeing the best food preparations and products.

Customers we serve

For more than 25 years we have delivered excellence, expertise, and quality products for the following industries:

Our large range of prestigious brands are sold to supermarkets, convenience stores, mini-markets, pharmacies, drugstores, and any other retail establishment on Curacao and Bonaire by our fully trained and dedicated sales team. 

Our team of merchandisers ensures  optimal shelf placement and in-store communication of the brands. We determine and offer the right market approach for our brands in cooperation with our principals through marketing activities such as sampling, advertising, the media, and displays.

Our Foodservice division services, among others, hotels, restaurants, and fast food chains. Our account managers are experienced, speak the same language as a restaurant chef or hotel buyer and understand their needs. 

Our wide variety of products and brands offers our clients a one stop shopping experience with excellent service and quality. Our full service Meat & Seafood production facility is HACCP certified and offers a wide variety of specialized products. 

Our Institutional division services government organizations, (non) profit organizations, and other institutions like healthcare facilities, detention centers, retirement homes, special needs facilities, educational and financial institutions.

We help each customer with their unique needs and challenges while keeping industry rules and regulations in mind.

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