“The real energy boost”
If you need extra energy to continue during or after sports, AA Drink High Energy gives you a real energy boost. Due to the balanced carbohydrate spectrum of simple and multiple sugars AA Drink gives you both short and long term, new energy. AA High Energy Drink is a hypotonic drink with a complex sugar composition. Such a composition is of great importance for the construction of the energy-(glycogen) stores in the muscles. That makes AA High Energy Drink suitable for use over for sports and for use immediately after exercise to replenish.

Whatever you do, you can be then, energetically against it!


Iso-AA Drink Lemon is an isotonic drink and has the same osmotic pressure as body fluids. Iso-AA-Drink Lemon absorbs faster than water and your body is directly equipped with moisture and minerals. The added vitamins support the immune system and metabolism. AA-Drink Iso-Lemon is suitable for unlimited use before, during and after exercise.